A teacher of Portuguese language is…

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Probably, you never thought about that. But a Portuguese language teacher is not an easy profession. To transfer his knowledge to other people, the teacher needs to be able to do a lot. Moreover, have a part of an employee in another profession. Next we will explain why.

A teacher of Portuguese language is…

An architect

The Portuguese teacher is an architect. He builds a bridge between himself and a student from another country.

The teacher begins with building a foundation at the initial level of the Portuguese language. Then, he builds up the framework of knowledge, complements with the necessary details. Otherwise, the structure may be destroyed. And in the future, improves knowledge, giving them an ideal form.

The teacher, as a true architect, oversees and supervises the building process of learning during the lesson.

Walls made of knowledge of the Portuguese language will subsequently protect students from embarrassment and misunderstanding, like a native home.

A narrator

To attract the interest of a student from any country, the teacher must be able to tell the material in a fascinating way. A soft confident voice and correct speech are the teacher’s tools.

He must narrate sequentially without jumping from subject to subject.
His speech should not be monotonous and boring, because the studying is an interesting process.

The teacher tells not only the rules of grammar, but also describes the country, traditions and habits of local people. And this is the same as history lessons at school and university. When you tell in boring way, no one wants to listen to you.

To attract attention to the material of the lesson and to keep this attention during the all time is an ability of the Portuguese language teacher.

A military soldier

Before the each lesson, the teacher must build a learning strategy, making his way to success with the student.

The enemies such as the mistakes of students and the traps of the Portuguese language do not scare him. He is brave, he is strong, and he leads his students to the victory in this battle.

A politician

A classroom is a small country with its own population. Those people are united by the Portuguese language, which they learn and speak. And the head of this state is a teacher.

Like any good politician, a teacher should listen to the wishes of his people, take into account their opinions and meet their needs. And also, he must make the right decisions, support democracy, but do not bring to anarchy in the classroom.

A musician

The teacher must have perfect hearing. Why? Every foreigner has his own accent and pronouncing. The speech apparatus of some of them is not adapted to pronounce the sounds of the Portuguese language. As a result, it will take time for the student’s speech to be clear. Sometimes a teacher needs to understand in a wrong word another correct one.

And also, the teacher must have a good voice and diction so that students want to listen to it again and again.

A cook

Material for the lesson is like a dish in a restaurant. It should be pleasant and helpful when it is consumed. The ingredients must be well-balanced: speaking, grammar and listening.

The teacher must have the skills, experience and taste in the selection of tasks and content. Combining all the material into a lesson and correctly submitting it to the tables in the classroom is one of the main tasks of the cook-teacher.

A captain of the ship

Knowledge is a vast ocean. Without an experienced captain, the learning the Portuguese language can be an endless and meaningless adventure. The teacher owns a map with a clear route and has navigation skills.

The pitfalls, the irregular currents and the storms of the Portuguese language are waiting for students on the way. But the teacher will lead their ship of knowledge to the safe haven of excellent results.


As a policeman, a Portuguese teacher should have a good knowledge of the grammar code. Along with this, has to monitor the breaking rules, observe and control the situation on the lessons. Violators must be identified.

In addition, the teacher maintains discipline in the classroom. As a law enforcement officer, a Portuguese teacher must be serious and fair.

The teacher must also have a quick response so that mistakes in the Portuguese language do not get into the students’ speech.

A coach

The Portuguese teacher and sports coach have a lot in common. To teach someone, he teacher needs to know the topic and area perfectly.

Moreover, the teacher repeats the same rules a thousand times. Also he needs to do grammar exercises, which sometimes require more energy than physical exercises.

The difference is that the energy is not physical, but mental. It is like sports training.

In addition, most of the time students sit at a desk. What is the teacher doing at this time? Stands, moves and writes on the blackboard. In a word, he really does physical exercises.

As we know, a thousand repetitions give excellent results. What seems impossible becomes real. And after a few lessons the student cleverly uses what he repeated many times with the teacher.

A doctor

There is a type of people who give up easily. Meet face to face with difficulty in learning a language and lose motivation. Some students get upset and fixated on the same mistake.

The teacher’s task is to prevent the student from considering the Portuguese language a very difficult and dangerous opponent. Portuguese language is not an enemy. The teacher is like a doctor. He helps to cope with self-doubt and overcome difficulties in learning the Portuguese language.

But the most important is that the teacher heals your fear. The main problem of any person who studies a foreign language is to start speaking. The student can know all the grammar and have a great vocabulary, but hesitate to speak the language. It is called the “language barrier.” The teachers of our school have a cure for this “disease.” This is a feature of the teaching methods in our school.

In studies, as well as in a hospital, it is important to have the right specialist.

A friend

A friend is certainly not a profession. However, a warm, kind and trusting relationship between teacher and student is one of the keys to successful learning. More precisely, an excess tension in the interpersonal relationships in the classroom negatively affects the learning process.

As a result, the teacher helps in learning Portuguese as a true friend.


Of course, the profession is called only “Portuguese teacher.” But in accordance with the foregoing, one profession contains the duties of several others.

For the team of our school, we select teachers who meet all those categories. Therefore, we are not surprised that taking Portuguese courses in our school changes the lives of our students for the better.

Because a good teacher combined with the student’s desire to learn Portuguese, always gives the expected results. Namely, the goals achieved: an ability to communicate in Portuguese, travel around Portugal, study at the school or at the university and even get a job there in the future.

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