Portuguese Private Lessons
Personal (face-to-face or online)


The Portuguese private lessons follow the same teaching principles as the courses, with the advantage that the student can choose the time, frequency, pace and location of the classes, whether face-to-face or online.

Classes are designed to respond to the needs of each student, whatever their objective. Our methodology is well-defined but flexible, and, in this way, we strive to give each student exactly what they are looking for.

90 minutes
1 student
27 euros

Package of 5 private lessons = 125 euros

Private Portuguese lessons are designed to meet the needs of each student, whatever their goal. Although the school methodology is well-defined, it is flexible. In this way, we strive to give each student exactly what they are looking for.

As in group lessons, all linguistic and grammatical skills are developed in individual courses. Certainly, the student will develop oral and written comprehension and expression, grammar and vocabulary.

However, at Caravela school, we try to give the student what he cannot get outside of the school. We believe that when students searches for our school, they are looking for something special. Otherwise, they could simply buy a school book, read it and do the exercises.

Therefore, individual classes are equally dynamic. In addition, they have the advantage of allowing maximum interaction between the student and the teacher. In short, they follow the principles of the Caravela school.

Of course, all students in private courses are welcome to participate in out-of-school activities!


Lessons in Pairs

90 minutes
2 students
16 euros / student

Package of 5 private lessons = 75 euros/ student


What our students say


Victoria Rozhikhina

“David is a great tutor for those that want to learn Portuguese in a light and playful manner. He is always well organized and happy to answer all questions there might be during a learning process. I have only recently started to take lessons from him, but can already notice a great improvement in my language skills. David is very flexible and adjusts to students’ schedule and academic needs. I am very happy with his as a tutor and I plan on continuing with lessons until I can speak Portuguese fluently.”

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