Portuguese Courses for Specific Purposes


We also have 4 types of courses that, due to their specific nature, must be separated from the rest:

Portuguese for Tourism

It is aimed at people who visit Portugal and who want to make their experience in the country richer. This course prepares the student for situations that they will likely experience during their stay in Portugal.

For example, interacting in different places, using services, expressing opinions, solving practical problems, making connections with people, talking about yourself and your country, comparing habits and cultures, and others.

Business Portuguese

Business Portuguese is an ideal course for people who intend to work in Portugal, create a company or do business.

Therefore, it focuses on the theme of work, entrepreneurship and business.

For example, it prepares the student for normal communication situations in a company, looking for a new job, creating a business, corporate culture in Portugal and possible difficulties. In addition, it prepares the student for everyday situations that they can experience during their stay in Portugal.

Preparation for the CAPLE Portuguese exams

Students do not need to take a full course to get prepared for the Portuguese CAPLE exams. The preparation courses for the Portuguese CAPLE exams are for students who have already started their studies.

The number of hours of studying depends on the level of the exam. For example, for the A1 level exam, a minimum of 50 hours of study are recommended.

Courses for children

They are aimed at children in elementary school education. The classroom activities are tailored to the children of these ages and the contents are selected in order to respond to their needs.

We have two types of courses for children: courses for children from 6 to 10 years old (first and second Portuguese academic years) and courses for children from 11 to 15 years old (second and third Portuguese school cycles).


How to start

Courses for specific purposes need special attention. So do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to get to know your goals. We will certainly find a great option for you.

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