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We continue the theme of volunteer programs in Portugal. In the first article about it, we looked at options for volunteer programs that provide accommodation and meal and related to helping people. Thus, the work of the volunteer is paid.

However, when it comes to animals, it is difficult to count on material rewards. Sometimes, in order to participate in such a program, you need to pay for it. Let’s see the different options.

The volunteering in Portugal - part 2 (animals)

Farm work

Some Portuguese families who live away from large cities and keep livestock annually need the help of volunteers. In exchange for your work, the family provides you with a room for living and meals.

This type of volunteer work is a little bit harder than working in hostels. This is due to the fact that the farm mainly requires physical labor: care and cleaning for animals, help in the garden. And also, due to the remoteness of the farm from the cities and often the lack of regular public transport, it is hardly possible to see all Portugal in your leisure time.

However, working on a family farm will bring you closer to a Portuguese family. You can temporarily become a part of that family, learn Portuguese customs and traditions, get a deep experience of living and working in Portugal.

By the way, if you knew the basics of the Portuguese language, it will help you find contact with the owners of the farm quickly. A good relationship is the key to the best working conditions. Therefore, prepare in advance with our courses of Portuguese language.

Stable work

In Portugal there are many stables that accept volunteers. Like the farm, the stable needs horse care and cleaning. In addition, if you have experience in working with horses, you can be entrusted with training and horseback riding.

The difference between a family farm and a stable is that the stables are closer to cities and coasts. Thus, in your free time you are not limited by the territory of the stable and the nearest village. The terms of the volunteer program can vary. It is worth discussing them personally with each stable in advance.

Wolf Rescue Work

In Portugal there is a reservation for wolves. Its employees and volunteers are involved in saving wolves in Portugal from extinction. Wolves get to the reservation from zoos, after illegal capture and from the hands of illegal merchants.

Every year, volunteers have to feed and care for wolves that cannot return to the wild. Among other things, this is an invaluable contribution to maintaining the life of animals. In this way, you can make up for the damage that humanity does to nature. Along with this, you can live in a very green area of ​​Portugal and enjoy the wild nature.

The official volunteer program there costs about 500 euros for 2 weeks. That is, you pay for living in a shared house, instructions, and a wealth of experience working with wild wolves. Volunteers leave good reviews for this volunteer program and return to the wolf reservation more than once.


The official website of the Lisbon Zoo also invites the volunteers. Basically, cleaning of enclosures is required, and you are unlikely to be allowed to contact exotic animals. However, to feel satisfaction and to help animals from you work is enough to see their grateful eyes.

This type of volunteering is based solely on love for animals and altruism. If you want to come to Portugal and need a goal that really benefits, volunteer at the Zoo.

It is an invaluable contribution and assistance to animals that cannot return to the wild life. Here you do not pay for participation, but you provide yourself with housing and food.

Animal shelter

Almost every civilized city in the world has its own animal shelter. Portugal’s cities are no exception.

Animals need care and walking, training, transportation, advertising and preparation for life in a new family. Obviously, the first thing shelters need is animal feed and medicine. However, anyone who wants to help with physical labor will be accepted into the team of volunteers.

Accommodation and food are not offered here. Volunteers do not come to shelters who want to have fun and benefit. Here they develop their spirituality, giving love to animals, and correcting mistakes that people have made.

Dolphin and Whale Research

In the city of Albufeira in the South of Portugal, a volunteer program is being carried out to rescue the dolphin and whale population. The cost of the program is from 1500 euros for 2 weeks. Volunteers are provided with accommodation and meals.

In this program, volunteers learn to understand the behavior of marine life, conduct underwater surveys and study various types of marine animals. Such a program can hardly be called a full-fledged job.

In your free time you can explore the surroundings. Albufeira is located in the most picturesque area of ​​Portugal!


As you can see, Portugal has a huge variety of volunteer programs. We have told you only about the main ones. In this article, we wanted to give you a direction to take. If you want to not only use Portugal, but want and are ready to give it some of your time and energy, become a volunteer!

Everyone has already been tourists, and not everyone is a volunteer.

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