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EscolasCaravela is a Portuguese language school for foreigners located in the center of Caldas da Rainha. It has easy access to major places of interest, such as the old town, a market, a park, museums, etc., and a wide variety of services such as cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, shopping centers and more.

In addition to the classes, we recommend various touristic and social activities outside the classroom, from city tours, group meetings and group meals to tasting regional products, themed meet-ups and visits to various places of interest outside the city, including Lisbon.

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Discount for friends

Discount for friends - Learn Portuguese in Portugal

If you want to take a Portuguese course with a friend, then this discount is for you!

When you bring a friend, you receive 5% discount and you give 5%.

This discount is for in-person group courses.

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What do you get when you study at Caravela School?


The Caravela School offers quality at the best prices. We focus on what is interesting and what works. We create a welcoming atmosphere in which students feel at home.

We employ experienced professionals who devote all their time to teaching classes and preparing high-quality content. We believe that the value of a lesson depends on it being dynamic and using high-quality materials. That is why we are thorough in deciding which books we use and prepare our materials, for maximum effectiveness, comfort and satisfaction.

In addition, studying at Caravela means learning Portuguese in and out of the classroom. In other words, it means getting completely immersed in the world of Portuguese language.

First of all, we support interaction among students outside the classroom. Because of this, Caravela school is more than a place to learn – it is also a place to relax.

In the same way, we want to provide our students with unique experiences. Thus, we help them to discover the must-see places, and also the “secret places” that do not appear in travel guides.

Finally, we are content-makers. That is to say, we are active in social networks (FacebookYoutubeInstagramVkontakte), where we regularly submit interesting, high-quality and useful content to all those interested in Portuguese language and culture.


Caravela: Learn Portuguese, Discover Portugal!

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