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Bom dia, amigos! This month we opened a new school in Matosinhos (Porto)! So, this the perfect time to tell you a little bit more about our city and region, and what you should do here while you learn Portuguese with us.

Porto view

Porto and surroundings

Welcome to Porto! As you probably may know (or not) Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon! It’s a city of good tastes and flavors. For example, you can’t visit Porto without trying its famous “Francesinha”, which is a typical sandwich that makes everybody felt in love!

Porto or Oporto (as you prefer) is known by its Wine (Port Wine) and its amazing monuments, old buildings, iconic places (like Café Majestic) and romantic gardens (like Jardins do Palácio de Cristal).

Porto was also elected The Best European Destination by the Best European Destinations Agency. Moreover, since last 5 years has been very well recognized by travelers around the globe who love food, wine and history!


Matosinhos is a city and a municipality in the northern Porto district of Portugal, bordered in the south by the city of Porto. It’s known by its amazing gastronomy and fresh fish. So, everyone who have cravings on grilled sardines should definitely come here! Furthermore, Matosinhos has been recognized by its waves. Consequently, surfers from all over the world dare to risk our blue amazing Atlantic Ocean and try our sardines!

What to Do & Where to Go

In Matosinhos

Matosinhos has a lot of places to go, since restaurants, bars, shops and the old market.

If you’re passionate about fresh fish, you should try the Fish Market that opens every morning and sells dairy fish, vegetables and fruits. There you’re 100% sure you’ll find the perfect meal to you!

In addition, you can put your feet on the beach, have a chocolate waffer in Cremosi and take a look on Edifício Transparente Shops and bars. The Edifício Transparente is a big and transparent building just in front of the Beach and has the best coffees.

If you rather prefer something healthier, you can have a try on a morning jogging in “Parque da Cidade” which is just in front of the beach too. Then, you can have a healthy sandwich meal on “Sound Wich”, a terrace just in middle of the park (Delicious!).

Finally, don’t let yourself be deceived by the beach front restaurants that sells fresh fish. You’ll pay too much for a bit! Instead of, you should try the typical restaurants close to the Market and “Porto de Leixões”.

In Porto

Porto downtown has so much to offer. There are many attractions every day that seems difficult to choose what to do!

For example, almost every Friday there’s a lot of concerts going on (specially on the terrace of Casa da Música). So, if you’re a music lover, you should go there and listen the ultimate beats!

On the other hand, if you’re a book lover, you must go to “Livraria Lello” which is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Although, the queue sometimes is really big, so try to buy your tickets in advance!

Finally, if you like to chill and have a drink, “Piolho” is the perfect spot. There are a lot of terraces, bars and discos! Piolho is located just in the middle of the downtown, close to “Carlos Alberto Square”. That place at night is really cool, funny and everybody used to meet there!

During the day, you should also try to visit the typical stores in downtown Ribeira, have a coffee in front of the Luis I Bridge and have a walk through the river!

Porto is the perfect place to wander!

Curiosities about Porto

Port wine

Port wine is grown on the banks of the Douro River, in the northeast region of Portugal. In 1756 this region was demarcated and was considered by UNESCO as a patrimony of humanity in 2001.

Because it has a higher alcohol content (19 to 22 degrees), Port is not table wine. It is a sweet wine and it drinks out of meals.

Lastly, the highest classification that a Port wine can have is “Vintage”. A Vintage is Port wine obtained from a single-year harvest and only for years of exceptional quality.

Lello bookstore

Lello bookstore has long been considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. It has been inspired writers and artists, including J. K. Rowling. The Harry Potter’s author was a Lello’s regular guest during her stay in Porto, and the wooden staircases of Lello were the inspiration for the stairs of Hogwarts. Thus, Harry Potter fans will recognize these interiors immediately.

São João Party

It takes place from June 23rd to the 24th. It is an ideal street party for true revelers. At this party, it is allowed to hit other people’s heads. But attention: only with a leek a plastic hammer. In addition, you can have fun at the street parties and at the highest point of the event, watch the fireworks on the Douro River. Then, when you’ll be hungry, the menu is soup “Caldo Verde“, grilled sardines, bread and red wine.

Caravela School in Matosinhos

Caravela School is really close from the main interests of Matosinhos city. It’s just 3 min walk from the Metro Station (Brito Capelo Stop) and this main avenue has a lot of coffee, bars, restaurants and shops. In addition, Caravela School is just 15 min walk from the Beach which is perfect for a sunny day after lessons!

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