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Are you curious about Portuguese language? Do you want to make your learning process more effective and interesting? Here you will find cool facts about Portuguese language and the right ways to learn it.

The subjunctive mode (modo Conjuntivo) in Portuguese – part 2

 28 January, 2021 |    |  No comments

In this article we will continue to talk about the subjunctive mode and show you the fundamentals. If you miss the part 1, just keep reading bellow. Introduction In our first part we’ve introduced the subjunctive mode in Portuguese. We’ve compared the different modes in order to understand better what this one is and gave…

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Personal Infinitive: a strange and useful verbal tense in Portuguese Language

 26 August, 2020 |    |  No comments

Today our subject will be a relatively easy verbal tense which often students avoid to use. We’ve notice that frequently they struggle with much more complex forms when they can use this one. So, in this article we will simplify and try to encourage you to use this form more often. What is it Probably…

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Where is it in Portuguese

 10 March, 2020 |    |  No comments

Olá! Today we will learn some personal objects and how to locate them. We will also learn the verb "ter" (to have) and the adverbs "aqui" (here), "aí" and "ali" (there). Finally, we will know how to express ownership with the possessive pronouns. In order to ask "what is" something, you already know you should…

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