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Hi there! Want to learn some Portuguese phrases or know the meaning of some Portuguese words? Here you can find a lot of useful tips to help you enhance your basic Portuguese.

The best way to learn Portuguese: adapted or non-adapted books?

 5 August, 2019 |    |  No comments

Are you thinking about start to read books in Portuguese but you’re not sure if you’re ready for that or you don’t know how to choose a useful and interesting book? If yes, you definitely should take a look at this! What are adapted books Adapt means to change something that already exists in order…

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Communicative Method

 7 November, 2018 |    |  No comments

Bom dia! Today we will talk about the Communicative Method, the method used in Caravela School. You will know what it is about and how it works. We also will talk about other methods and approaches. Brief History (1450-1960) The first method of teaching language was Grammar-translation Method (from 1450). This method consists in learn…

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