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Olá, amigos! In this post we will share with you our experience about the process of learning Portuguese and how to get the maximum results. We will also talk about the Silver Coast, which is where we are. If you’re interested in Portugal and Portuguese language, you can’t miss this!

Portuguese lessons - Learning Portuguese on Portugal Silver Coast

The Silver Coast area and what you must do and see!

First of all, there is some discussion about the exact location of the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata in Portuguese language). Nevertheless, we can say that Silver Coast starts and finishes somewhere, between Lisbon and Porto districts, excluding them. Anyway, on Silver Coast stand out the districts of Aveiro, Coimbra and Leiria, where the “Silver Coaster atmosphere” is more intense.
Once that we can’t talk about all wonders of Silver Coast, we will focus on our district, Leiria, and give you a taste of it…

Caldas da Rainha

We will start our journey in Caldas da Rainha, which is our home. It is a very pleasant and calm city, full of art and culture, beautiful and cosy. For example, here you can cross the central streets to the Republics Square (Praça da República in Portuguese language). Also known as “Praça da Fruta”, it is the only street market in Portugal that is opened 365 days per year.
Then, go down a few meters and you will see the oldest Termal Hospital (Hospital Termal in Portuguese language) in the world. In front of there is the D. Carlos I Park (Parque D. Carlos in Portuguese language), which will surprise you for its beauty.

Óbidos and Foz do Arelho

Just 10 minutes away from Caldas da Rainha, it is located Óbidos. This historical Portuguese village is like an open-air museum with a medieval atmosphere reminiscent of ancient times. From the top of the Castle the panorama is just amazing!
Foz do Arelho beach is just next to Óbidos Lagoon (Lagoa de Óbidos in Portuguese language) and 15 min away from Caldas da Rainha. It is a beautiful and large beach. Surfers appreciate this beach because of its waves, children and parents due to the calm waters of the Lagoon.
In the area of the small pier you can buy local seafood and relax on the terraces and restaurants.

Nazaré, Peniche and Baleal

Nazaré – it’s 30 min away from Caldas da Rainha – it is a typical village of fishers and one of the favorite tourist’s destination in the country. At the top of the village it is the “Sítio”, which has the best viewpoint of the village, the “Miradouro do Sunerco” with access by road or by funicular. Lately, Nazaré has also been highlighted by giant waves (more than 30 meters).
In its turn, Peniche is 30 min away from Caldas da Rainha but to the south. It’s a city with several kilometers of coastline and beaches of thin sand. It is also famous for its handcrafts and local cuisine, with a wide range of restaurants, based mainly on the fresh products of this coast that cheer all who taste them. Peniche is also the most western city in continental Europe.
Lastly, Baleal is a small peninsula located in the region of Peniche, separated from the mainland by a istmo. Its name is due to its past related to whaling. Baleal has become a major vacation spot with a big potential for water sports. The coastal shape creates great conditions for the practice of surfing and body boarding.

Learning Portuguese in Silver Coast

Silver Coast is the perfect place to learn Portuguese. Learning Portuguese in Silver Coast means to live the real Portuguese lifestyle, to know more about Portuguese language and ways of living. However, this experience is even more special as long as you are able to communicate with local people. And that’s why we exist…

Caravela’s mission is to teach Portuguese language in an effective, organized and enjoyable way. We give the tools that make foreigners understand Portuguese people and talk with them.
The method is communicative. Wherefore our students are always surprised on how they speak so much since the first lesson. That’s because learning Portuguese at Caravela means to learn step by step, without stress: everything should be easy to understand.
Our classes finish fast… even when they last 4 hours, because at Caravela students learn and practice grammar and vocabulary through games. Although, our mission is not to entertain people, but teach effectively. So all our activities are designed to give the maximum contact with the Portuguese language and assimilation.

Finally, our focus is on listening comprehension. We know that the most difficult part in the Portuguese language is to understand Portuguese people. Likewise we know that many students focus on grammar and vocabulary, and leave the listening comprehension to the second plan. Learning Portuguese at Caravela School means to get the right exercises and phonetic keys to understand local people.

How to get the maximum results – conclusions:

– Learn in a communicative way
– Work step by step
– Play with grammar and vocabulary
– Listen every time, everywhere
– Have a lot of conversation and role-play

If you’re interested in learn Portuguese in a efficiently way and have the opportunity to live a Portuguese lifestyle experience in Portugal, it’s time to join our School!

Ask for more information and get all the details you need to start NOW!!
Silver Coast is waiting for you….

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